COMAH Awareness for Executives Training


To develop candidates’ awareness of Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations, 2015 (COMAH), so that executives are enabled to perform their duties effectively.


1 days

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16 Jun 2022Hathersage10£425

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for members of the executive and company officers, especially those sponsoring compliance with the Regulations and other requirements of the Competent Authority. The course is also suitable for senior managers with responsibility for design and implementation of emergency arrangements intended to comply with Regulations.

Consequences of failure can be prolonged investigation, scrutiny from the Competent Authority, fines, business interruption, excessive waste of management time, litigation, reputation damage and even prosecution leading to jail. Most executives want a summary that gets out of the weeds and identifies key points they need to understand.

Course content

- Background to Seveso and COMAH regulations

- Requirements and expectations of the competent authority

- Roles in the response structure and expectations in major accidents

- The role of executives on corporate crisis teams

- Interaction with emergency and incident teams

- Interaction with emergency services, local authority and other external stakeholders

- Introduction to situational awareness and decisionmaking


We employ approximately 40% explanation, 40% facilitated discussion and 20% tabletop exercises. We describe good practice in relation to compliance with COMAH regulations, with case studies, in the context of resilience arrangements as a whole.

Why work with us?

We believe compliance not only satisfies the regulator, but is also good for business risk management. In fact, if establishments are going to comply, they might as well ensure good practice at little or no extra cost. We believe in an evidence-based approach, using competencies extracted from The Regulations and Guidance. We believe in competence development, which involves experiential learning more than just transfer of information; and we believe in gaining assurance on competence through assessment under realistic conditions.


This course is not formally assessed or accredited. The emphasis is on competence development, so candidates are actively coached and mentored towards successful performance. Quantitative and qualitative feedback is provided, with a development plan, to ensure candidates can apply learning to the workplace.