Incident Manager Training (non‑COMAH)


To develop candidates’ competence to undertake the responsibilities of an Incident Manager.


2 days

Available Options

Course datesLocationPlacesPriceQuantity 
12-13 July 2022Hathersage8£750

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone identified as responsible for managing the tactical-level response to emergencies at sites. This role is applicable to any organisation that operates highhazard sites. Typically, candidates will be nominated to be oncall, expected to assemble an incident management team, support the operational response and manage wider, longerterm impacts to the organisation, including stakeholder relations and business interruption.

Course content

- Emergency management principles

- Emergency management structure and process

- Roles and responsibilities of the Incident Manager

- Command and control of tactical incident management teams

- Situational awareness and decision-making

- Liaison with the emergency services

- Stakeholder management and communications


In the first part of this course, candidates develop their knowledge of the principles and practice of emergency response. On the second day, candidates build their skill and experience through experiential learning in simulations, with every candidate rotating through key roles on an incident management team.

Why work with us?

We believe compliance not only satisfies the regulator, but is also good for business risk management. In fact, if establishments are going to comply, they might as well ensure good practice at little or no extra cost. We believe in an evidence-based approach, using competencies extracted from The Regulations and Guidance. We believe in competence development, which involves experiential learning more than just transfer of information; and we believe in gaining assurance on competence through assessment under realistic conditions.


This course is not formally assessed or accredited. The emphasis is on competence development, so candidates are actively coached and mentored towards successful performance. Quantitative and qualitative feedback is provided, with a development plan, to ensure candidates can apply learning to the workplace.
The course can also be conducted at your site, on dates to suit your schedule, for between 4 and 8 candidates. Please contact us to discuss this option. If no dates are showing below, we are busy planning them, so please contact us to discuss next available option.

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