Tactical Coordination Group (Silver) Liaison Training


To develop understanding of the structure and processes involved in a TCG (Silver Command) so candidates are aware of expectations and able to perform in their role with confidence.


2 days

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21-22 Jun 2022Hathersage12£800

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for personnel who may be nominated to represent their organisation at a multi agency Tactical Coordination Group (TCG) or Local Resilience Forum (LRF) during a major incident.

Course content

- Context of the CCA, 2004 and relevant regulations

- Key emergency management principles

- Roles and responsibilities in the corporate and public sector response structure

- Interaction with internal response teams

- Interaction with external organisations, including TCG, SCG & LRF

- Processes, formats and tools used by external organisations

- Introduction to situational awareness and decision-making


Before attending, we understand current levels of awareness among candidates, so we ensure our sessions are pitched at the right level for them. In the first part of the course, we explore the systems, structures and processes involved, using a mix of presentation and facilitated discussion. We then embed learning with scenarios, delivered by consultants with extensive experience of tactical and strategic command in the emergency services; and of leading Local Resilience Forums.

Why work with us?

We believe compliance not only satisfies the regulator, but is also good for business risk management. In fact, if establishments are going to comply, they might as well ensure good practice at little or no extra cost. We believe in an evidence-based approach, using competencies extracted from The Regulations and Guidance. We believe in competence development, which involves experiential learning more than just transfer of information; and we believe in gaining assurance on competence through assessment under realistic conditions.


This course is not formally assessed or accredited. The emphasis is on competence development, so candidates are actively coached and mentored towards successful performance. Quantitative and qualitative feedback is provided, with a development plan, to ensure candidates can apply learning to the workplace.
The course can also be conducted at your site, on dates to suit your schedule, for between 6 and 12 candidates. Please contact us to discuss this option. If no dates are showing below, we are busy planning them, so please contact us to discuss next available option.

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