The NRA courses are run by Eddistone Consulting Ltd



Courses are conducted at our purpose-built facility at Hathersage in Derbyshire or at your site.

We use our unique simulated environment to replicate accident hazards and control room environments.  We have a realistic simulation model, and our control room includes CCTV, Fire and Gas systems and a dynamic Digital Control System (DCS) and closed system telephony.

Our role players will replicate telephone responses, Walk in Emergency Service personnel and specialist advisors.

We can assess candidates by observing remotely in order to maintain realism.  

Courses conducted at your site are based on your Major Accident Hazards, to suit your schedule, subject to a minimum and maximum number of candidates (see course details). Our exercise and assessment systems are portable, so we can deliver a high-quality service to you on your site.

Please contact us to discuss this option, additional time is needed to bespoke scenarios.