L&S – Loggist and Scribe Course


We recognise that skills for loggist and scribes overlap and the titles easily confuse. Our course explains and equips team members to excel in both roles. A scribe, managing information for a team e.g. action tracking, and a Loggist recording conversation details and key decisions for a key individual – eg the SMC, Chief Executive or Silver commander.


1 days

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At your site8£1,850
Hathersage10th Sept 20248£250

Who should attend?

This course prepares individuals to manage, record, extract, output and store event information during an emergency response.

For example; A support member of an Emergency, Incident or Crisis management team, Tactical and Strategic Coordination Group, or supporting key decision makers at Tactical and Strategic level.

Course content

- Understanding the different types of information and how this is used by the individuals and the team

- Extracting key information and data and event logging

- Info flow and displaying information

- Capturing decisions, Action tracking, recording and closure

- Legal expectations

- Other key information which may be recorded by the team

- Information management, post event


Outline Contents: The 6 hour course will teach the key functions of handling information during a response. It explores how information is generated, used and processed by a team and team members


We cement learning by conducting a simple practical exercise designed to embed working practices, build greater skill and experience

Why work with us?

We believe compliance not only satisfies the regulator, but is also good for business risk management. In fact, if establishments are going to comply, they might as well ensure good practice at little or no extra cost. We believe in an evidence-based approach, using competencies extracted from The Regulations and Guidance. We believe in competence development, which involves experiential learning more than just transfer of information; and we believe in gaining assurance on competence through assessment under realistic conditions.


No accreditation is included for this course.
The course can also be conducted at your site, on dates to suit your schedule, for up to 8 candidates. --- Select the At your site' option. When we deliver training on your site, training team expenses are due, in addition to the course costs, these expenses are calculated on your site's location.

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